Rabu, 11 Mei 2016

Scattered, Song Joong Ki intimate photos with Girl Ugly

An unidentified netizen, newly leaked photos of Song Joong Ki, Korean drama starring actor Descendants of the Sun.This time, photographs of Song Joong Ki when he was with the ex-girlfriend spread on the internet.Inevitably, as many as three photos Song and the former uploaded on social media, immediately became a hot issue public.In the photo, the Song and the former appear as pairs typically, excited, hugged and smiled happily while posing in front of the camera.In their original upload, faces former lover Song Joong Ki is not obscured. And after many netizens wrote words of scorn, kind of "Song Joong Ki is a celebrity but not with his girl. Did not he know that his face spread across many sites like this? "" It is not good to upload photos without permission. Anyone who uploaded this photo, will be serious problems later on. "Then a number of netizens fans Song also said that her face 'ugly' and 'not good enough'. But the war of words ensued between netizens. One netizen said, maybe the woman has not had plastic surgery. 'Then there were defended, "For those of you who commented about her face ridicule, then you might as well look ugly like squid."The comments on the war, is now the face of the former Song Joong Ki was obscured for the sake of privacy. The latest news says Song Joong Ki had plastic surgery so as to obtain very charming.

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